KFPS Registration Books Explained

The Books within the KFPS
*** it is important to know that your horse is born into the their “book” (Main registration book, B-book I, B-book II, D book ect. ) You cannot change the horses book. You can only increase the book of that horse’s offspring by breeding to an Approved KFPS Stallion.  But you can decrease the offspring's book by breeding to non approved or permit stallion. Please be aware of the book that your horse is registered in prior to purchasing or breeding so that you know exactly what you are buying/breeding.
These books are based on lineage or bloodlines of the horse. Studbook  (Yellow and Green papers pre 2015 now blue) This is the top registration book within the KFPS. All of the offspring in this book are out of tested and approved sires and are out of Dam’s that are out of tested and approved sires. This is the top book because there is no higher book to upgrade to. You can upgrade from other books into this book by breeding to KFPS Approved sires.
KFPS Foalbook and Studbook Papers
as of 2015
Pre 2015 Main foalbook
 and Studbook papers for the KFPS
Subsidiary Registers Bijboek – B Book I and B Book II and D Book B Book I (Brown papers till 2015) Is for horses that are not out of Studbook Stallions. There is no longer B-Book registration in the USA. There are other countries that still register B-Book stallions . New Zealand and Australia register B-Book I and B- Book II foals. The horses entered in B-Book I are those sired by a Foal Book stallion with limited breeding approval from the FPS; and whose dam is registered in B-Book I, the Foal Book, the Auxiliary Studbook, or the Studbook. Also eligible for B-Book I are horses sired by an Approved stallion and out of a mare registered in B-Book II. Upgrade from B-Book I to the Foal book:   - In One generation. - the sire of the foal must be an Approved Stallion and 3 out of 4 of the previous generations sires have to be Approved Stallions   - In Two generations - 2 consecutive Approved Stallions on their papers.
B-Book II (Blue papers till 2015) Is for foals out of any Friesian stallion that has no approval or permit through the KFPS to breed. B-Book II horses receive identification codes from the KFPS. They are not allowed to show at the Keurings in the US but are allowed to show at the keurings in Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries. Offspring of a B-Book II mare can be upgraded to the B-book I when using an Approved stallion. Please know that it is not a guaranteed upgrade as it depends on how many generations of non approved stallions are on the last four generations of the papers. To know for sure e-mail the ANZFHS a copy of your papers or registration number to clarify the outcome of your specific breeding combination.


D Book (Grey papers)
Horses are eligible for the D-book if the dam is registered in either the KFPS main studbook or the KFPS D-book, and the sire has completed and passed all the current requirements for the FPZV Stallion Book I. If the Dam is D book and the Stallion is FPS Studbook the offspring are registered in the main foal book. Offspring of D book stallions and B-book II mares are registered in B-Book I Horses are not eligible for the D-book if: the dam is in the KFPS B-Book, the sire is a stallion who has only partially met the approval requirements with the current FPZV testing, the sire is a stallion within the FPZV which was previously approved by the KFPS then disapproved on offspring. Horses sired by disapproved KFPS stallions do not qualify for the D-book on the grounds that the KFPS has previously found undesirable qualities in their offspring. Offspring with a sire as described above are eligible for KFPS B-book II.

B Book III or B Book 3 (light blue papers till 2015)
This book is for horses in some countries where it may not be possible to track the exact lineage of the Friesian horse. Has been seen in South Africa

This is a chart to help explain how a foal can be upgraded or downgraded in the KFPS registration books.  

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