KFPS Stallion 400- Current

 KFPS stallions in Number order #400- Current 
The information is constantly changing so accuracy is not guaranteed, but all attempts to keep this page up to date will be made so if you know of any information that needs to be changed please let us know. Apologies for the long post it may be divided in future posts. If you have a photo of one we are missing or a better photo that you are willing to let us use please send that via e-mail to us. If you want credit for a photo please stamp the photo before you send it. If there is a photo on this page that you took and want credit for please resend to us with the credit stamp. Or if you want it removed just ask and I’ll remove it on our next update. This page is not a sale page only for fun to see photos of past and current stallions so we hope that you will embrace this chance to share photos of these beautiful stallions for general information purposes. We can also add links to stallions if you want to provide them but we are not liable or responsible for the content on those links, nor can we monitor if they are not updated information.

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X- in front of the name means that they were disapproved on offspring
If they are highlighted in blue there is a photo available of them. If you have photos of any of the stallions listed here and are willing to let us share them please e-mail them to us
(US) means that they are or have been located in the USA at some point.
P means the stallion earned Preferent Status
Sport means the stallion earned Sport status in either driving or riding.

For hydrocephalus, dwarf and red test a neg after the test means they are not a carrier, a pos after the tests means they are a carrier

If they were Champion or Reserve Champions of the KFPS Stallion show that is listed by their name.
F means their semen has been frozen (does not mean it's viable, just that it's being advertised or sold frozen) if I'm missing anyone please let me know I don't always find every frozen listing

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X-Tjesse 400  disapproved on offspring 2008
X-Tije 401 Sport
X-Wibe 402
Wobke 403  (F)  Sport   approved on offspring 2006 dwarf neg, hydro neg
Wikke 404 Sport Died 2018 dwarf pos, hydro neg.
X Winand 405-  passed  away during offspring testing and owners did not complete the testing, frozen can’t be  used
Rindert 406 Sport-  approved on offspring 2008 dwarf neg , hydro neg
X Ymte 407- disapproved on offspring
Wisse 408 - died in 2005
Wierd 409 Sport  approved on offspring 2008 dwarf pos, hydro neg
X Ait 410  disapproved on offspring 2008
Beart 411 P Sport  (Jasper 366 P x Feitse 293)  (F) Champion 2006, Res Champion 2008,  2012 Res CH  2013 Older stallion  Champion Approved on offspring, dwarf neg , hydro neg
Bente 412 Sport (Heinse 354 x Nammen) (F) approved on offspring dwarf neg , hydro neg
Brend 413 (US) Sport  (Hydro neg, Dwarf neg), Red neg, approved on offspring
X Botte 414 Sport- Russia  disapproved on offspring
Andries 415 Sport  (US) (Tsjerk 328 x Nykle 309)  (F) approved on offspring dwarf neg , hydro neg
Aan 416-  approved on offspring 2008 dwarf neg , hydro neg
Arjen 417 Sport- (Erik x Nikolaas)  approved on offspring died 2013
xBeintse 418 - (Jelke 367 x Jakob 302)  offspring testing postponed not showing on the list of approved on offspring on the 2015 stallion report
Eibert 419 Sport - (Folkert 353 x Reitse)   approved on offspring (Dwarf pos) hydro neg
Doaitsen 420 Sport  (Wander x Reitse) (F-US) approved on offspring Res Champion 2009 (Hydro neg/ Dwarf neg)
Dries 421 Sport (Jasper 366 P x Hearke 254)  approved on offspring (F) dwarf neg , hydro neg
Felle 422 Sport (Lolke 371 x Gerlof)  Passed Away 2018. approved on offspring 2009 (hydro pos) dwarf neg
Fridse 423 Sport  (Teunis 332 x Nammen) (US) approved on offspring 2009  (dwarf neg, hydro neg) Died Oct 2018
Harmen 424 - Sport  (Teunis 332 x Oege 267)     (F) Res Champion 2007 Approved on offspring 2009 - Died  2013
Haitse 425 - Sport (Jasper 366 x Rypke 327) (F) Champion 2008 Approved on offspring 2009 dwarf neg , hydro neg
Gjalt 426 Sport  (Pyt x Lukas) (NL-F)  Approved on offspring 2012 (F) dwarf neg , hydro neg
Hinne 427 Sport (Tsjerk 328 x Falke) Approved on offspring 2012 passed away 2012 Dwarf pos
X Tietse 428 - Sport  disapproved on offspring 2012 Died 2018
XTsjabring 429 Sport owner withdrew stallion from offspring testing
Jorn 430 Sport (Fabe 348 x Feitse 293) approved on offspring (F) dwarf neg , hydro neg
Loadewyk 431 Sport (Tsjerk 328 P x Jurjen) dwarf neg , hydro neg
Jense 432 Sport (Sierk 326 x Leffert 306) RU Approved on offspring dwarf neg, hydro neg
Jisse 433 Sport (Jasper 366 x Dirk 298) (US)   Approved on offspring dwarf neg , hydro neg
Jerke 434 Sport (Onne 376 x Tsjerk 328) (F)  Approved on offspring (F) Died in 2016 dwarf neg, hydro pos
Jesse 435 Sport (US) (Leffert 306 x Doeke 287)  Approved on offspring dwarf neg , hydro neg
X- Lutger 436 (Onne 376 x Feitse 293) disapproved on offspring
Maurits 437 Sport -(Ulbert 390 x Ulke 338) (F) dwarf neg, hydro pos
Mewes 438 -(Teeuwis 389 x Oege267)  2017 CH of the older stallion dwarf pos, hydro neg
Meinse 439 (Heinse 354 x Dirk 298) -(US) (Hydro neg , Dwarf neg , Red neg) , Approved on offspring
Maeije 440 Sport -(Beart 411 x Goffert 369) (US) dwarf neg , hydro neg
Maurus 441 Sport  -(Tsjalke 397 x Kirst 358) (F) Champion 2009 (F) dwarf neg , hydro neg
Michiel 442 Sport (Tsjerk 328 x Leffert 306) (CN/NL)  approved on offspring dwarf neg , hydro neg
Tjalf 443 Sport  (Hinse 354 x Tjimme)  Approved on offspring dwarf neg , hydro neg
Norbert 444 Sport  (Tsjerk 328 x Hearke 254) USA (F) Approved on offpsing Res.Champion 2010, Champion  2012,  2013, 2014, CH older Stallions 2015 (dwarf neg, hydro neg)
Olgert 445 Sport (Ulke 338 x Atse) (F) Approved on offspring dwarf neg , hydro neg
XSjerp 446 Sport  (Andries 415 x Pike 316)  As of early 2015 license  on hold - as of 2017 offspring testing not completed
Stendert 447 Sport  (Andries 415 x Piter 312) Approved on offspring (F) (dwarf neg , hydro neg)
Pier 448 Sport  (Beart 411 x Aiso)    Approved on offspring dwarf pos, hydro pos
Sake 449 Sport  (Doatisen 420 x Rypke 321)  Offspring testing not finished breeding hold till done, 2015 he is approved on offspring (F) dwarf neg , hydro neg
Sipke 450  Sport  (Teade x Ulke 338)  (US/NL)(F) approved on offspring 2014 offspring testing done in the US dwarf neg , hydro neg
Anders 451 Sport (Adel 357 x Ouke 313) approved on offspring 2014 dwarf pos, hydro neg
Reinder 452 Sport  (Aan 416 x Sierk 326) approved on offspring 2014 dwarf pos, hydro neg
Sjouke 453 (Doaitsen 420 x Jelte 365)  approved on offspring 2014(F) dwarf neg , hydro neg
Tsjalle 454 Sport (Mintse 384 x Brandus 435)  (F) Res. Champion 2011, 2013 RCH older stallions 2015 & 2018, Champion 2016 (and of older) approved on offspring dwarf neg , hydro neg
Take 455  Sport  (Jacob 302 x Oltman) (F) Offspring testing not finished in 2015 breeding hold till done 2017 breeding resumed dwarf neg , hydro neg
Tymon 456 Sport  (Andries 415 x Leffert 306) approved on offspring 2015 dwarf neg , hydro neg
Uldrik 457 (Dries 421 x Tsjerk 328)  (F)Champion 2010,2011 9.5 on trot approved on offspring 2015 dwarf neg , hydro neg
Uwe 458 (US) (Beart 411 x Bonne 341) Offspring testing not finished in 2015 breeding hold till done dwarf neg , hydro neg
Tonjes 459 Sport - (USNL)(Anton 343 x Ulke 338) Offspring testing not finished in 2015 breeding hold till done 2017 Breeding resumed Dwarf pos, hydro neg
Tjalbert 460 (Beart 411 x Ulke 338)  (US)ISF (Hydro neg, Dwarf neg, red neg) approved on offspring 2015
Wimer 461 Sport (Hinne 427 x Heinse 354) (F) Approved on offspring dwarf neg , hydro neg
Wytse 462 Sport (Arjen 417 x Oege 267) - Dec 2016 breeding hold till all 40 offspring are tested dwarf pos, hydro pos
Wylster 463 Sport (Rindert 406 x Rypke 321) (F) Approved on offspring dwarf neg , hydro neg
Wybren 464 Sport  (Feike 395 x Wicher 334) (US)  (dwarf neg, hydro neg, red neg)
XHedser 465 Sport  (Adel 357 x Ouke 313)  (US)ISF (hydro neg, Dwarf  pos, red neg)  breeding hold till 40 offspring are tested, Owner withdrew him, not enough offspring to continue offspring testing. Died of colic in 2017
Thorben 466 Sport Elite (Ielke 382 x Sape 381) approved on offspring 2015 dwarf neg , hydro neg
Wolfert 467 (Felle 422 x Jakob 302) (F) Dec 2016 breeding hold till all 40 offspring are tested, dwarf neg , hydro neg
Alke 468 (Fabe 348 x Jakob 302) dwarf neg , hydro neg
Alwin 469 (Felle 422 x Tsjerk P 328) (F) 2017 RCH of the older,  2018 CH of older, Approved on offspring dwarf neg , hydro neg
Bikkel 470 Sport (Beart 411 x Tsjerk P 328) (F) dwarf neg , hydro neg
Aarnold 471 Sport (Wikke 404 x Jakob 302) dwarf neg, hydro neg
Bartele 472 Sport (Onne 376 x Tsjerk P 328) (F) dwarf neg, hydro pos
Djoerd 473 Sport (Jerke 434 x Bonne 341) (F) dwarf neg, hydro neg
Epke 474 Sport (Beart 411 x Anton 343) (F) South Africa  (hydro neg, dwarf neg)
Alert 475 Sport (Jasper 366 P x Hearke 254)  (US)   died 2015 dwarf neg, hydro neg
Bene 476  (Doaitsen 420 x Leffert  306) (US) (dwarf neg, hydro neg) (F) In NL for the 2017 season, check with Signature Friesians for his return to the US,
Date 477 Sport (US) (Mintse 384 x Tjitte 333) (F) In NL for 2017 season check with Friesian Connection for his return to the US, Dwarf neg, Hydro Pos
Fonger 478 (Olgert 445 x Doeke 287) dwarf neg, hydro neg
Gerben 479 (Doaitsen 420 x Sape 381) (F) dwarf neg, hydro neg
Hessel 480 (Norbert 444 x Jelke 367) (F) (US till 2019)Res Champion 2015 dwarf neg, hydro neg
Hette 481 (Norbert 444 x Rindert 406)  (F) Res Champion  2014 dwarf neg, hydro pos
Haike 482 (Arjen 417 x Lute 304)  dwarf neg hydro neg
Tjaarda 483 Sport Elite  (Time 398 x Lolke 371 ) (US) (Dwarf  neg/Hydro neg/Chestnut neg/ EVA positive)
Jehannes 484 (Tsjalle 454 x Oepke 266)  (Hydro neg/Dwarf pos/chestnut neg) Champion 2015
Jouwe 485 (Pier 448 x Folkert 353) (F) (Hydro neg/Dwarf pos/chestnut neg)
Julius 486 (Norbert 444 x Beart 411) (F) (US/NL) Hydro neg /Dwarf neg
Walt 487 (Gjalt 426 x Ulke 338) Hydro neg/Dwarf neg South Africa
Erryt 488 Sport (F)  (Meinse 439 x Sytse 385) Hydro neg /Dwarf neg
Eise 489  (Maurits 437 x Olof 315) Hydro pos. dwarf neg
Meinte 490  (Beart 411 x Anton 343) Hydro neg /Dwarf neg
Markus 491 (Maurits 437 x Onne 376) Hydro pos/ Dwarf neg  Reserve CH 2016 (younger CH 2016)
Nane 492  (Wimer 461 x Brandus 345) Hydro neg /Dwarf neg (Younger Res CH 2016,2017) RCH 2017
Omer 493  (Gjalt 426 x Karst 362) (F) Hydro neg /Dwarf neg

Elias 494 (Jorn 430 x Maiko 373) Hydro neg /Dwarf neg/Red neg
Jurre 495 (Maurits 437 x Jasper P 366) (2017 & 2018 CH younger)  CH 2017 & 2018, Hydro pos /Dwarf neg/Red neg
Menne 496 (Norbert 444 x Beart 411)  RCH 2018 (and of younger) Hydro neg /Dwarf neg/Red neg
Mees 497 (Tymon 456 x Dries 421)  Hydro neg /Dwarf neg/Red neg
Rommert 498 (Norbert 444 x Jasper 366) Hydro neg /Dwarf neg/Red neg
X Siert 499 (Dries 421 x Sape 381) Hydro neg/Dwarf neg/Red neg Withdrawn from stud service on fertility issues by owner 2017
Tjebbe 500 ( Bartele 472 x Dries 421)
Tiede 501 (Alwin 469 x Loadwyk 431)
Ulbran 502 (Reinder 452 x Jakob 302)
Tymen 503 (Tsjalle 454 x Harmen 424)
Matthys 504 (Norbert 444 x Beart 411)
Teun 505 (Bartele 472 x Rindert 406)
Ulbe 506 (Anders 451 x Anton 343)
Yme 507 ( Tsjalle 454 x Bente 412)
Willem 508 (Hette 481 x Folkert 353)
Wardy 509 (Hette 481 x Goffert 369)

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