Stallion Offspring Reports

How to read the FPS Stallion Offspring Reports

        The stallion reports are great tools for picking a stallion for your mare. They are based on the offspring not the actual stallion. The KFPS is one of the rare registries that actually compile the data from all the offspring shown for that stallion and generate data to help mare owners pick the right stallions for their mare.  Above are 2 examples of the stallion reports. Below you will find explanations about each of the sections on the report.

Top part
The top part of the chart has the Stallion’s name (Red), His registration number (Green). They put the number of Star offspring and the percent of his offspring that have earned star status (blue). Listed on there is the percent of allowed and not allowed markings (orange). Remember that euro style percents use a coma for the period so when you see 1,4% it’s the same as 1.4%. Allowed markings are white hairs on the forehead of a mare that are no larger than ¾ of an inch. Not allowed markings are any white elsewhere on the horse. The form also lists the stallion’s birth date (teal). The sire’s sire and dam, dam’s sire and grand dam’s sire are also listed  (purple). The other nice feature that they list is the % accuracy of the test results (pink). The higher the % listed the more offspring have been recorded and the more accurate they feel the scores are. If a stallion only has a few offspring that have shown then the % will be around 40-60%. As there are more offspring tested the % will go up.

The middle area covers the elements that are most important and are also found on the linear score sheet (more information on linear score sheets) . The left has a list of most of the “elements” from the linear score sheet. The second column is a number. That number is the numerical value for the chart (picture).  100 is the average score (similar to 25 on the linear score sheet). Higher than normal is not necessarily better or worse. The way that they tell you what is desirable (royal blue), undesirable (red),  or relative to circumstances (light blue)

The Bottom
The bottom is very similar to the linear score sheet in that it scores the Type, Frame , Feet and Legs (F & L), Walk and Trot. It gives you a Total that is the average of these scores. The other thing that it gives is the stallions offspring report on the riding and driving tests. The ref% refers to the accuracy just like the ref% at the top of the page. This score includes the Walk, Trot, Canter, Riding, Driving, Show Driving, Effort and the Total (average)


  1. What is the scale/range for the numbers that are ranging from the 90's to a little over 100?

    1. The numbers range from 88-112, 100 is considered the middle. there is a list of characteristics that the horses are judged on. the number shown on the stallion report are the averages of the Stallion's offspring that have been shown. The number on the bottom are grouped by characteristic type, frame, feet/leg, walk, trot. The linear score information is for the individual horse, the stallion offspring report is the average of the offspring that have been inspected.